Release Notes: Veras CheckOut 11.3

Made available on March 11, 2022, here are some notable highlights in Veras CheckOut 11.3 that include additional omnichannel capabilities, scale interface, flexible database options, and Veras OmniView Integration (beta).

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Release Notes: Veras CheckOut 11.3

March 15, 2022

Added Omnichannel Capabilities, Beta OmniView Integration, Flexible Database Options, and More!

Everything seems to be moving faster these days in retail. It’s not only impacted how we shop, but also how we approach product development—all while embracing the necessity for constant innovation. You can easily stay in-the-know with Release Notes, our biannual update that highlights recent product improvements, what’s new, and exciting things to come.

Made available on March 11, 2022, here are some notable highlights in Veras CheckOut 11.3 that include additional omnichannel capabilities, scale interface, flexible database options, and Veras OmniView Integration (beta). 

New Omnichannel Capabilities

CheckOut 11.3 adds a dedicated Buy Online, Pick Up in Store order processing flow, as well as a flow for Buy Online, Ship to Store order receiving and customer pickup. Additionally, the order management screens for all order types have been refined to bring focus to the data elements that are most important to store users. 

Scale Interface

With Veras’ continued growth in grocery and hypermarkets in Asia Pacific, CheckOut 11.3 provides the ability to integrate to a weighing scale and collect the product quantity from the scale. Tare weight calculation and recording is included in this enhancement as well.  

Greater Flexibility with Veras Replication

Veras Replication allows greater flexibility in database licensing choices. A new mechanism enables server-to-client database replication in cloud and on-premises deployments managed by Veras utilities rather than the RDBMS engine. Not to worry, the traditional RDBMS-managed replication process is still supported. For Veras customers interested in learning more about this great cost-saving option, please contact your account representative. 

Veras OmniView Integration (beta)

CheckOut 11.3 adds an integration to the new Veras order management application, Veras OmniView. Veras OmniView will provide a richer, cloud-native omnichannel engine for order sourcing, orchestration, and fulfillment. The new CheckOut omnichannel process flows integrate to both the traditional order management logic and tables hosted on the CheckOut central server, as well as to Veras OmniView.

Omnichannel Inventory Visibility, Order Orchestration & Mobility

Omnichannel ordering and fulfillment, and the connected customer experiences tied to these capabilities, are no longer optional for stores. Today’s shoppers are exerting and demanding more control over how, when, and where their orders are fulfilled.

In fact, the number of orders placed online and picked up at brick-and-mortar stores by customers grew 208% during the pandemic and show no signs of waning. Retailers quickly jumped into offering these services to meet consumer demand, but without the luxury of having a full omnichannel strategy. As a result, many retailers are navigating their way around a multi-channel maze wrought with manual processes, siloed purchasing channels, and disconnected inventory views.

Introducing Veras OmniView

Veras OmniView supports an omnichannel fulfillment strategy where retailers use multiple selling channels to fulfill and distribute orders, regardless of which channel the customer places an order through to streamline the fulfillment and delivery process.

When it comes to any good omnichannel strategy, you’ll find real-time inventory visibility centered around the customer at its core. Shoppers couldn’t agree more as:

  • 71% of shoppers say that it is important or very important to be able to view inventory information for in-store products. (Forrester)
  • 69% of consumers expect that store associates be armed with a mobile device, in order to perform simple and immediate tasks such as looking up product information and checking inventory.
  • 56% of consumers have used their mobile device to research products at home with 38% having used their mobile device to check inventory availability while on their way to a store. (Forrester)

Veras OmniView enables order fulfillment execution paired with inventory features on mobile in a single UX to support the following capabilities:

  • Order Picking (consolidated/team picking, substitutions, prep for curbside/locker/courier)
  • Receiving & Putaway
  • Transfers & RTV
  • Cycle Count & Adjustments
  • Product Inquiry

What’s more, task-based workflows across functions help keep store associates focused on the most urgent priorities. Veras OmniView also goes beyond order execution capabilities to deliver intelligent decisioning and order orchestration coupled with configurable rules-based processes.

Delivered through a microservices-based architecture and standard workflow platform, Veras OmniView helps retailers center their experiences around the customer to ensure that shoppers can easily navigate across various touchpoints to make their purchase.

Stay Tuned!

More to come on our next product advancement Veras OmniView, as we continue deliver next-generation solutions for today’s evolving retail processes through a unified commerce strategy.