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Retail CRM, Customer Engagement & Loyalty Engine

Create personalized offers and drive customer loyalty

CRM Built Exclusively for Retail

Veras Reach provides centralized customer management and engagement while maintaining superior customer privacy.

  • Collect, query, analyze, and manage customer data from a single hub
  • Share real-time data across channels
  • Gain insights into buying patterns with complete transaction history

Targeted, Optimized Promotions

Strategically segment customers to define buyer personas and present dynamic offers. Target promotions and price events to shoppers most likely to respond, while avoiding needless steep discounts.

Robust Loyalty Engine

Define, implement, and maintain unique programs that reward repeat customers with incentives. Run multiple loyalty programs concurrently to drive volume and add-on sales.

AI-Powered Clienteling

Veras Affinity enables associates to present relevant, time-based attributes to deliver highly personalized recommendations that anticipate and deliver on the customer’s needs.

Privacy & Compliance Module

Simplify CCPA and GDPR with a one-stop privacy portal that integrates with any CRM, ecommerce or POS system. Manage preferences and broadcast changes to customer privacy information, including a customer’s wish to be forgotten across all systems.