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Veras Retail & Aurus Inc. Announce Partnership to Deliver Innovative Omni-Commerce Payment & eWallet Solutions

Aurus Inc.

A unified payments platform leader, Aurus offers proven global solutions that address the entire payments ecosystem.

Veras and Aurus integration offers retailers alternative payment methods and transparent experiences as non-cash and contactless payment options surge.

April 6, 2021 – PHOENIX – Veras Retail, a leading global provider of omnichannel technology to deliver enhanced retail customer experiences, today is excited to announce its strategic partnership with Aurus Inc. A unified payments platform leader, Aurus offers proven global solutions that address the entire payments ecosystem.

“We are thrilled to enter into this partnership with Aurus to provide retailers with more flexible, efficient, and innovative omnichannel and digital payment options along the entire customer journey,” said Rohit Vir, CEO of Veras Retail. “From how customers prefer to shop, engage, and pay, Veras solutions enable digital transformation and a new level of personalization that is centered around the customer.”

Capgemini research from April 2020 showed that 64 percent of consumers say they use contactless payments often and 48 percent use digital wallets, including QR code-based payments. Additionally, 38 percent of consumers say they discovered a new payment provider during the lockdown period and may consider switching. The pandemic is clearly fueling the demand for new digital payment options, along with purchases made by a younger demographic, who are moving away from credit cards.

The Aurus omni-commerce payment platform accepts myriad payment types, including all leading credit card brands, private-label credit cards, and gift cards. In addition to ACH payment services and digital wallets, the versatile platform supports Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) payments, crypto-currency, Text2Pay, and social payments. The Aurus platform also supports industry-specific payment options such as Fleet, FSA, and EBT for food stamps and/or cash benefits.

“As a leader in global payment standards and payment software development, we understand the security and always-on operational needs of omni-commerce payments to drive success on a global scale,” said Rahul Mutha, CEO of Aurus Inc. “We’re excited to offer Veras Retail clients tremendous efficiencies and cost savings through a unified payment framework, while unlocking new and alternative payment options for their customers.”

Like all Veras’ suite of in-store, mobile, and remote selling solutions, AurusPay® takes the point-of-sale out of PCI scope to mitigate risk and provide the highest level of security.

Through this partnership, Veras will benefit from Aurus’ payment innovation to help retailers centralize their sales with unified commerce and secure payment methods regardless of channel. Veras will be even better positioned to serve its core retail customers and growth markets in Asia Pacific where mobile wallets and QR payments are essential for business.

About Veras Retail

Veras Retail builds innovative omnichannel solutions to connect with consumers at every point of decision. It starts at the store, providing fixed and mobile point-of-sale, retail CRM, omnichannel inventory, mobile selling tools, and seamless cross-channel execution. Headquartered in Phoenix, Ariz., Veras is focused on using technology to rapidly implement new solutions to foster positive, meaningful, and profitable omnichannel interactions between retailers and consumers. Veras powers more than 160,000 lanes in over 50 retailers around the world. Top clients include Office Depot, Kirkland’s, Floor & Decor, DKNY, Best & Less, and MEC. To learn more, visit and follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter.

About Aurus Inc.

Aurus provides an omni-commerce payment acceptance platform, AurusPay® to retailers in more than 25 plus countries across the globe for many industry verticals including specialty retail, apparel, grocery, c-store, restaurant, hospitality, beauty and wellness, etc. AurusPay® is a PCI-DSS, PA-DSS, P2PE certified processing platform which protects retailers card data against malware attacks using its innovative and patented security solution, AurusShield®.

Aurus partners with retailers to help them achieve measurable benefits and competitive advantage by providing PaaS (Platform as a Service) to deliver business objectives, and limit their initial investment (CAPEX), curtail ongoing expense (OPEX) and accelerate time to market for payment technology deployment. Aurus also provides a comprehensive set of services, tools and reporting to streamline operations and provide actionable insights. To learn more, please visit: and follow us on LinkedIn | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube.


Proactive Digital Outreach with Veras Black Book

Proactive Digital Outreach with Veras Black Book

March 10, 2021

Retailers are embedding technology like Veras Black Book to reach shoppers at every step along the purchase path to deliver a whole new level of service. Veras Black Book drives proactive and personalized outreach using customer data, timely alerts and reminders, and convenient templates for store associates.

If there’s anything we’ve learned in retail over the last year, it’s that how consumers shop has forever changed. Consumer behavior will likely continue to evolve and come with greater service-level expectations. Coming out of the pandemic, mall developments came to a standstill and we saw historic store closings for retailers that were unable to respond. But there is a silver lining in this all.

The shift and appetite for digital commerce has made it possible for retailers to reach and personalize shopping experiences like never before. Omnichannel and new digital capabilities are putting customers entirely in control to shop as they desire. And smart and connected technologies open up opportunities for store associates to reach more customers and in more meaningful ways.

Cut Through the Digital Noise

Consumers spent a staggering $861.12 billion online with U.S. merchants in 2020, up an incredible 44 percent year over year, according to Digital Commerce 360 estimates. That’s the highest annual U.S. ecommerce growth in at least two decades. It’s also nearly triple the 15.1 percent jump in 2019.

As a result, retailers are bombarding consumers with online ads, digital retargeting, endless email offers, and other mass marketing campaigns. Veras Black Book helps cut through that noise with proactive and highly personalized outreach. Proactive outreach with Black Book enables retail staff to set alerts, send emails and texts using pre-defined templates, and schedule appointments and follow-up calls based on customer insights and events.

While many marketing emails do ultimately reach the consumer’s inbox, most get ignored. In fact, 72 percent of consumers say that they only engage with personalized messaging. Whether it’s email, text or a phone call, people want to be treated like individuals. So, when a customer receives a personalized message, especially from someone they’ve interacted with previously, they are far more likely to respond.

With Black Book, retail staff working in-store or remotely can provide personalized services to better track and engage with the customer on an on-going basis. The system makes it easy for the associate by providing ready-to-use templates and data points reflecting the customer’s preferences.

Furthermore, store associates can add customer-specific notes or create a task. Black Book tasks have their own lifecycle and can be accepted or rejected. Tasks can be set at different priority levels, associated with deadlines, or automatically expire after an event such as a birthday or promotion. Black Book tasks also provide visibility by generating reports on tasks for associates across the retail chain.

Veras Black Book’s dashboard and tools allow retail staff to:

  • Review their top customers, latest activities, and helpful notes
  • View, create, and act on assigned tasks
  • See important store events, campaigns, and activities
  • Use customer insights to drive proactive outreach
  • Call or send emails and texts using pre-defined templates
  • Set alerts and schedule appointments and calls based on the customer’s specific needs or upcoming events

Flexible communication templates provide store associates an easy starting point that can be adjusted to tailor customer follow ups and future scheduling. With 80 percent of customers more likely to buy from a company that offers personalized experiences, Veras Black Book can be an effective tool to build real connections with shoppers.

3 Types of Black Book Notifications

Black Book may not be meant for every customer. Some shoppers know exactly what they want and prefer to explore and purchase items on their own. But for design professionals, personal shoppers, business customers, and your frequent and most loyal customers, Veras Black Book goes beyond transactions. It helps retailers personalize, inform, and connect with the customer through the following notification types:

  1. STORE EVENTS. Local events set by store managers or global events organized by corporate may include author signings, trunk shows, product launches, pop-up events, etc. Once set up, associates can engage with their core clients to send out a special invitation or schedule additional time for them at the store. Additionally, the store associate will know the best mode of communication based on the customer’s preferences.
  2. QUICK TIPS. System-generated alerts provide a variety of reminders to send personalized outreach to customers regarding birthdays, promotions related to their likes, or just a simple touchpoint. ‘Your wish list item just went on sale and is available in your size. Would you like me to set it aside for you?’ ‘I saw returned your last purchase. I’d love to know what you didn’t like about it so we can improve in the future. Is there anything I can help you find?’ In addition to system-generated alerts, associates can create their own self-generated tasks based on the shopper’s last actions or their interactions with the customer.
  3. DIRECT COMMUNICATION. When it comes to communicating with customers, each person has different needs and expectations. Two components in Black Book that make its communications so effective is that it provides associates a starting point through well-defined templates while also allowing for personalization. Customized templates can also be saved and used as a base for future outreach.

Expand on Personalized Services

As Veras Black Book is built on our Extend mobile platform, retailers can easily add complementary modules including Veras Affinity Clienteling, Style Builder, and Remote Selling to amplify personalized services in-store or remotely. Veras Affinity helps retailers connect omnichannel data with store initiatives and empower associates with a 360-degree view of the customer. Additionally, Veras Style Builder’s curated collections allow sales associates to build and sell styles through complete looks, complementary collections, and similar products.

When shoppers aren’t physically in the store, Veras Remote Selling combines the immediacy and ease of ecommerce with the high-level service and personal touch of a knowledgeable sales associate. Whether shoppers need help finding specific products, want assurances on product compatibility, or seek new product recommendations, Veras Remote Selling is purpose-built for retail to deliver an immersive experience, anywhere. The sales person can share products live in the store and digitally through the platform where customers may browse, save to their wish list, and complete purchases.

It’s clear that store formats and the roles of associates are evolving. Every aspect of retail operations has the potential to make or break the customer experience. It’s now up to retailers to incorporate flexible technologies to create a new retail model that centers around personalized customer experiences. And with 91 percent of consumers more likely to shop with brands that provide offers and recommendations that are relevant to them, companies that don’t prioritize creating tailored experiences may run the risk of getting left behind.

Learn more about Veras Black Book and other AI-driven solutions that use personalization to deliver proactive and highly tailored customer outreach.

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    Veras Remote Selling

    Veras Remote Selling

    Remote selling combines the immediacy and ease of ecommerce with
    the high-level service and personal touch of a knowledgeable sales


    Endless Inventory Options with Endless Aisle

    Endless Inventory Options with Endless Aisle

    February 8, 2021

    With the convergence of omni-commerce, real-time inventory visibility, fast fulfillment, and any number of ways to get products to the customer—endless aisle brings the best of these capabilities together to deliver an unbeatable customer experience.

    If you’ve ever been in a store to browse through the merchandise or locate a particular product, chances are you’ve been approached by a retail associate. They probably asked, “Are you finding everything you need? Is there anything I can help you find?”… or something to that effect to help get what you want and deliver a great in-store experience.

    Finding items in the store, depending on the retailer, is a much different experience today. What once was limited to inventory on the store shelves, in the back room, or available at a nearby store is now open to a sea of endless product options with endless aisle.

    Endless aisle gives retail associates and shoppers in the store the ability to virtually browse and purchase a wide range of products. And for any out-of-stock items or products not sold in-store, the customer can have them shipped to the store or directly to their home.

    Out-of-Stocks Add Up

    While it’s hard to beat the convenience of online shopping, there are many reasons why consumers still go the store. They may want or need something immediately, enjoy seeing or trying on things in person, want to avoid delivery charges, or have questions on the products they’re about to purchase. But even with these drivers, physical retailers are still losing sales to out-of-stock items, which come with hefty losses.

    According to 600 households surveyed by IHL Group, retailers are missing out on roughly $1 trillion in sales because they don’t have on hand what customers want to buy in their stores. Shoppers worldwide experience $984 billion worth of out-of-stocks and $144.9 billion in North America alone. And if the shopper happens to be an Amazon Prime member, they’re 52 percent more likely than other consumers to take out their phones and buy what they need online when faced with out-of-stocks.

    Let’s take a closer look at the out-of-stock shopper breakdown:

    • 32 percent faced empty shelves
    • 16 percent failed to find staff to help
    • 17 percent found staff, but not merchandise
    • 18 percent noted the price in-store didn’t match an ad
    • 17 percent didn’t get the product for other reasons

    Endless aisle paired with real-time inventory visibility can help retailers avoid many of these missed-opportunity scenarios.

    Advantages of Endless Aisle

    With Veras Extend unified product search, associates can provide an endless aisle to customers by searching an endless number of SKUs across the entire retail chain. It consolidates the physical and virtual catalogs into a single friendly interface to show what’s available in-store or globally. Whether items are fulfilled through direct vendor ship, ecommerce, warehouse ship or sourced from another store, Veras Extend unified product search helps retailers create the ultimate merchandising and fulfillment strategy.

    Endless aisle experiences increase conversions by allowing shoppers to review all available products without being limited to on-site selections through the global search icon.

    Available on mobile devices, store associates can support customers anywhere in the store to:

    • Present an interactive digital experience often superior to what they can achieve by physically browsing items in-store
    • Easily toggle between products available in-store vs. products available globally
    • Search the entire retail catalog to present product availability, more product options, or similar items
    • View rich product details, images, videos, relevant promotions, and customer reviews
    • Ship-to-store, reserve at another store for fast pickup, or ship any out-of-stock items directly to the customer

    And all of this rich product data isn’t limited to endless aisle. It’s leveraged across all retail applications on the Veras Extend platform to support clienteling, remote selling, mPOS, self-checkout and in-store kiosks.

    Expanded Product Search

    Veras Extend unified product search is unique in that it allows associates to search products in a more comprehensive manner. Traditional product searches are narrowly executed by color, type, SKU, price or key words. However, the engine behind our unified product search is broader, allowing for more complex requests that you would typically find in real-world scenarios to yield better results.

    Take for instance a customer searching for a red sweater. Is it cardinal red, candy apple red, dark red, maroon, burgundy, or other variation? So many possibilities exist, which is why our endless aisle search makes ‘red’ an attribute that can be tied to a broader family of reds. The same logic applies to sizing or price—to search for a range of medium-sized items or price range—or any other attribute of a product.

    The way people shop is evolving, and leading retailers are evolving to meet their needs. The good news is that retailers and consumers alike benefit from having a complete picture through real-time data and connected systems to deliver the best outcomes. So next time you step into a store, don’t be surprised when you’re approached by an associate, tablet in hand, ready to help you find something in the store (or elsewhere).

    Make smart technology investments through Veras Extend’s mobile and kiosk applications like endless aisle without overhauling your entire retail operations.

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      Get Digital Receipts at No Cost with Veras CheckOut 11.1

      Contactless Receipts with Veras CheckOut 11.1

      Get Digital Receipts at No Cost with Veras CheckOut 11.1

      January 19, 2021

      The recent release of Veras CheckOut 11.1 includes exciting new enhancements, along with the integration with our trusted partner flexEngage. Upgrade to our modern POS platform and you’ll receive free* contactless receipts.

      Veras CheckOut 11.1, as well as the Veras Extend mPOS and self-checkout modules, now integrate to the flexEngage digital receipt platform. The flexEngage integration uniquely supports real-time personalized offers at the point-of-sale. Seamless digital receipt process flows allow for known customer preferences to be more quickly and consistently applied in the transaction. Now when you implement Veras CheckOut 11.1, you’ll receive free* digital receipts through flexEngage’s Essential plan.

      Turn Purchasing Data into Meaningful Contact

      flexEngage is a POS marketing service that delivers custom-made transactional messages, which reduce customer churn for brand-driven retailers.

      Offering several levels – Essential, Pro, and Enterprise – find the right tier for your customer outreach and loyalty goals to best fit your needs.


      Front-end features that are complementary in flexEngage’s Essential tier include barcode, clickable logo sent to your domain, PDF attachment, and the added benefits of:

      • Contactless Experiences
      • Increased Email Adoption
      • Reduced Paper Costs
      Services-Oriented, Future-Proof Platform

      With the flexEngage integration on CheckOut’s omnichannel platform, retailers can continue to drive innovation, offer better customer experiences, and unlock additional responsive technologies and capabilities. 

      flexEngage digital receipts

      From enhancements to a complete upgrade, Veras provides a clear migration path to modernize your POS platform with Veras CheckOut. Highly adaptable to support a variety of deployment models including on-prem, cloud or hybrid deployments, the platform’s microservices API layer shares business logic across an array of endpoints. From traditional POS to mobile selling to retail kiosks, our proven enterprise architecture allows retailers to innovate faster, and at lower TCO.

      Veras CheckOut also helps the store become an extension of your omnichannel strategy to provide a suite of cross-channel and cross-store selling capabilities.

      VERAS EXTEND PLATFORM. Extend brings the point-of-sale and mobile selling to customers in-aisle or offsite. Extend goes beyond checkout to enable mobile for inventory, clienteling, unified product search, price checker and self-checkout.

      VERAS AFFINITY CLIENTELING. Affinity help retailers connect online and offline data with store initiatives and empower their associates with a 360-degree view of the customer. Unlike any other clienteling solution, direct associate input strengthens the data and trains the AI to make smarter recommendations to drive sales.

      VERAS REMOTE SELLING. Remote Selling allows retailers to personalize and connect with shoppers virtually. Unlike Facebook or Zoom, our end-to-end experience is trackable, integrated, and consistent. From initiating the virtual appointment, to sharing rich product details, and building the basket all the way through purchase—Veras Remote Selling helps retailers stay connected even at a distance.

      Plus, additional features referred to as “FIGI” (“Find It, Get It”), encompass all of the following business scenarios through Veras CheckOut:

      • Send Sale. Collect and track shipping information for items sold in-store and shipped to the customer.
      • Charge Send. Save the sale using “endless aisle” of enterprise inventory. Sell merchandise at POS and ship to the customer from any store or warehouse in a single POS transaction.
      • Remote Pickup. Locate inventory in any location from any point of sale (including ecommerce or call center) and pickup in store.
      • Ship-to-Store. Buy online from warehouse inventory and pickup at store.
      • Storage Buy. Buy bulk/heavy items and collect them later from storage location in the same store.
      • Buy Online, Pickup In Store. Buy items online or in a different retail location and collect them later.

      With the right strategy, point-of-sale systems can be a powerful business enabler. At Veras, we recognized a market need for a flexible, cost-effective, and lightweight platform that can rapidly scale and shift to meet the shopper—how and where they want to shop. That’s what you’ll find in our unified retail platform, which looks at every point of interaction as an opportunity to connect, understand, and sell to the customer.

      Take advantage of flexEngage’s exciting digital receipts offer! Contact us to see how upgrading to Veras CheckOut can help simplify operations and deliver the ultimate shopping experience.

      * Available to customers in North America. Some add-on services may incur additional costs, such as third-party survey integration.


      Curated Collections & Virtual Selling


      January 6, 2021

      The powerful combination of curated collections paired with the convenience of your very own virtual stylist will forever change how consumers shop.

      The reality is people have changed how they live, work, and shop, and many of these newly formed habits are here to stay. For retailers, many of those nice-to-have capabilities like curbside pickup, self-checkout, and appointment-driven shopping have quickly shifted to become must-have experiences. And not only have retailers responded at breakneck speed to provide safer and smarter ways to shop, but they’ve also adopted technology to create new shopping channels and revenue streams.

      One such technology is clienteling, which has evolved dramatically in the last several years. Initially, clienteling was adopted by sales people as an effective method to establish long-term relationships with key customers based on details about their preferences, behaviors, and purchases. Much of this was managed manually and kept locally in a literal “black book”.

      With digitalization and automation, retailers now have the ability to capture omnichannel customer data. Clienteling solutions like Veras Affinity help retailers connect online and offline data with store initiatives and empower their associates with a 360-degree view of the customer. But with in-store foot traffic greatly reduced, Veras Affinity clienteling is helping retailers stay connected even at a distance with AI-driven recommendations and complete collections curated by a savvy virtual shopper.

      Veras Affinity Remote Selling & Style Builder

      Remote or virtual selling is an effective tool, often doubling customer engagement and employee productivity at lower costs. Like ecommerce and brick-and-mortar stores, remote selling is evolving into a dynamic channel of its own. Remote selling helps associates actively connect with shoppers that aren’t going into the store and connect with new shoppers that may not typically shop with you online. Ultimately, it’s about elevating your sales experience with meaningful data and a digitally engaged audience.

      For most retailers, your employees often are your best customers and brand ambassadors. According to ExpertVoice, 86 percent of sales associates say the best reward for giving a recommendation is sharing their passion and expertise for customer satisfaction — not a commission.

      With Style Builder, you can put your sales associates’ passion to work by using their input into product recommendations to improve the AI/ML engine behind it. Veras Style Builder’s curated collections paired with remote selling offers the next-generation of clienteling. It allows users to build and sell styles several ways.

      Complete looks. Create or view product options to complete a look centered around a common theme. Multiple products from different categories are selected to form a complete vision for this look with rich product images and details.

      Complementary collections. Find items that go well together based on the shopper’s preferences and build a full collection around it. This creates an opportunity to find new items for the customer to complete their personal collection.

      Similar products. Easily find product recommendations that can be substituted for one another and with the ability to personalize recommendations. Associates use their store knowledge and direct interaction with the customer to fine tune the selections to enhance the AI.

      Style Builder can be used across a number of retail verticals to deliver high-touch, one-on-one experiences with the convenience and safety of the client shopping from home. For home goods stores, associates can create room collections based on different styles or room décor. Flooring retailers may have their design consultants present complete looks that are trending and share directly with customers.

      And for retailers that have in-store events like DIY or tasting events, Style Builder with Remote Selling brings that experience to the customer to not only drive revenue, but to keep your brand top of mind.

      AI Still Needs Human Input

      Veras Affinity’s AI/ML algorithms combine sales associate feedback with mutliple customer data streams, including online and in-store purchases, social media, customer support activity, and more to provide a highly personalized experience.

      On top of algorithmic recommendations, Veras Style Builder still relies on humans to train and fine-tune the machine learning models. Even with the most successful AI, the human touch is critical in all the ways it’s being adopted today. Without it, every word, recommendation, or output has a fairly logical yet just-missed-the-mark effect that lacks authenticity.

      That’s why Style Builder applies a model in which human and algorithmic curators coexist to help one another. Together, Affinity’s AI learns and gets smarter from the store associate’s inputs — and gets better at executing over time. This is especially true when getting structured feedback from the field for new items that don’t yet have significant customer purchase history behind them. Leveraging store staff to get input on new products can help set meaningful recommendations in place quickly.

      Consumers are fundamentally changing the way they shop. Contact us to learn how Veras solutions can empower your staff to radically personalize and connect with shoppers virtually or in person.

      Dark Stores are Shining a New Light on Retail

      Dark Stores are Shining a New Light on Retail

      November 23, 2020

      Retailers are leveraging their stores along with ecommerce to drive more sales and faster service. How? They’re going dark.

      As consumers expect more from what they can access, schedule for pickup, or get delivered to their doorsteps, retailers have come under tremendous pressure to make more products readily available. According to the latest figures from the U.S. Census Bureau, ecommerce sales increased nearly 45 percent year-over-year in the second quarter to reach more than 16 percent of total sales. 

      To fulfill an ever-growing list of holiday orders while continuing to deliver the right product, fastest service, and highest-quality customer experience, dark stores are providing much-needed relief for retailers and their shoppers. A dark store refers to a retail distribution center that is dedicated solely to fulfilling online orders. It’s typically a warehouse or repurposed store used to pack up online orders, which have skyrocketed during the pandemic.

      Today, the model has evolved with new technology to help a variety of retailers from home goods to hypermarkets to use dark stores as local fulfillment centers to facilitate buy online pickup in store (BOPIS) and delivery. Similar to ship-from-store fulfillment, dark stores can enhance a retailer’s overall physical layout and logical workflows to accommodate optimal picking routes and capacity.

      Retailers like Target and Walmart started testing ship-from-store fulfillment before the pandemic. Jewelry retailer Kendra Scott, when forced to close their doors at the height of the pandemic, used a ship-from-store strategy to turn their 108 closed stores into micro-fulfillment centers in just a few weeks.

      In recent months, Home Depot, Whole Foods, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Apple have all shifted to add dark stores for online orders or converted existing stores to permanent micro-fulfilment centers.

      Demand for Dark Store Capabilities

      According to a September Accenture survey, nearly 80 percent of U.S. shoppers want their purchases delivered directly to their homes.

      Ship from store or from dark store provides lower cost, high-speed delivery options to help achieve this by distributing the capabilities of warehouses closer to shoppers. By optimizing the picking process and leveraging staff at select stores, retailers can create responsive ecommerce fulfillment centers.


      1. Expose and move more inventory. Ship from store exposes on-the-shelf, brick-and-mortar inventory to a larger online market. Rather than warehousing ecommerce inventory in a location that is isolated from stores and store inventory isolated from online markets, ship from store shares inventory across a retailer’s locations.
      2. Efficient inventory management. Ship from store requires better inventory management. With the adoption of technology in the load, store and pick stages, retailers are better able to increase the number of units that are delivered along with more efficient operations.
      3. Greater availability. As dark store operations are dedicated to fulfilling orders that are made online, they have a much clearer view of stock levels which results in better product availability than a pick-in-store fulfillment solution.
      4. Additional capacity. Having the flexibility to adjust and deal with volume is important. By shifting a fulfilment center to high-volume markets or having a small fulfillment center in a remote location, give retailers the ability to pick goods, pack, and deliver in areas with high order density or specific needs.
      5. Increased hours of operation. Unrestricted by regular store hours, dark stores can operate around the clock to fulfill demand. Orders can also be delivered faster and at the most convenient times for customers.
      6. New goods and new markets. Dark stores expose ways for retailers to sell new merchandise that shoppers would not typically find in their stores due to space limitations. It also gives retailers the ability to launch operations in new markets without having to open a traditional brick and mortar location.
      7. On-demand delivery. Shoppers welcome having any number of products delivered to their door in minutes. Delivery platforms like Uber, DoorDash, Roadie and Shipt, just to name a few, are helping to provide that instant gratification. A well-placed dark store along with these services can help retailers ensure demand is met while delivery times are kept to an all-time low.
      Veras Locate for Dark Store Fulfillment

      Veras Locate’s lightweight, easy-to-deploy architecture and efficient order picking allows retailers to meet these challenges without breaking the budget on costly, overly complex warehouse management systems. Moreover, Veras Locate addresses multiple fulfillment use cases to make the best use of resources across stores, warehouses, and offices.

      Ultimately, Veras Locate delivers a comprehensive solution to optimally locate, pick, ship, and restock inventory to meet the needs of the cross-channel shopper through:

      • Real-Time Inventory Availability. Many ERP and ecommerce systems rely on batch inventory updates that can’t readily expose the available inventory data for real-time requests. However, Locate can expose the data at any level and to any system.
      • Ship from Store or Dark Store. Successfully compete with ecommerce players by maximizing the impact of your stores. Optimize the picking process by leveraging staff at every store, or select stores, to create responsive ecommerce fulfillment centers.
      • Detect, Replenish, and Move Inventory. With real-time POS integration, alert stores of out-of-stock items on the floor and replenish on the fly from the backroom or off-site storage. From managing backroom inventory to speed customer service or aiding satellite stores to move inventory from a shared location, Locate gets the product in hand to the customer.
      • Easy and Efficient BOPIS. Veras Locate gives the store quick visibility to inventory position for picking the BOPIS order, as well as audible and visual alerts that let associates know they’re falling behind to better prioritize orders and ensure they’re ready for pickup.

      Entering the holiday season, we anticipate these dark stores will be bustling around the clock with order fulfillments. And as we look ahead to once the pandemic has settled, it’s certain that shoppers who have experienced fast delivery, BOPIS, or curbside pickup will likely keep some of these shopping habits moving forward.

      From streamlining processes to automating order fulfillment, we’re ready to help support your entire dark store strategy.

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        Veras Retail Announces Expansion in India

        Veras Retail Announces Expansion and New Appointment in India

        Veras Retail establishes office in Pune, India and appoints Sachin Dhekane as India Head.

        Veras India speeds strategic growth for Veras cloud, global support services, and new business opportunities in Asia Pacific.

        November 9, 2020 – PHOENIX – Veras Retail, a leading global provider of omnichannel technology to deliver enhanced retail customer experiences, today announced the establishment of its office in Pune, India along with the appointment of Sachin Dhekane as India Head.

        The new regional leadership and location will expand the customer success team to provide high-level 24/7 support and training for Veras customers. Trained to handle critical issues and supported by senior engineers, the team works within a framework of proven procedures to ensure fast and positive outcomes. Additionally, the new location will support Veras strategic alliance partners with major sales and development centers in the Asia-Pacific region.

        “We are excited to have Sachin join our team. He brings an impressive record of success from technology solutions in finance, retail banking and payments, and insurance,” said Rohit Vir, CEO of Veras Retail. “His contribution to the growth of Veras Retail will be immediate as we continue to scale our cloud solutions and managed services to serve retailers in multiple regions.”

        Outsourcing systems management to a technology partner can have a dramatic impact on business growth, productivity, and profitability. Veras Retail’s Cloud and Managed Service offering opens up a new market to create a competitive value proposition for its existing and prospective customers. Retailers can now choose Veras’ industry leading omnichannel platform via SaaS to deploy solutions more rapidly and drive faster outcomes for their business.

        “Our presence in India will help us meet the growing demand for modern retail solutions in the region spurred by the aggressive shift of retailers towards digitalization and improving customer experiences,” added Sachin Dhekane, India Head of Veras Retail. “We additionally set ourselves high standards and take pride in our service delivery. Ultimately, this powerful combination allows Veras customers to focus on their core retail operations and profitability.”

        This represents the next step in Veras Retail’s continued growth and commitment to the region. The company recently announced its BIR accreditation for Veras CheckOut point-of-sale solution in the Philippines, offering compliance and omnichannel flexibility on a cost-effective platform. From unified customer experiences to remote selling, Veras Retail is providing new modes of shopping, while giving store associates the tools they need to connect with shoppers and drive revenue.

        About Veras Retail
        Veras Retail builds innovative omnichannel solutions to connect with consumers at every point of decision. It starts at the store, providing fixed and mobile point-of-sale, retail CRM, omnichannel inventory, mobile selling tools, and seamless cross-channel execution. Headquartered in Phoenix, Ariz., Veras is focused on using technology to rapidly implement new solutions to foster positive, meaningful, and profitable omnichannel interactions between retailers and consumers. Veras powers more than 160,000 lanes in over 50 retailers around the world. Top clients include Office Depot, Kirkland’s, Floor & Decor, DKNY, Best & Less, and MEC. To learn more, visit and follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter.


        It’s Time to Embrace Virtual Selling

        Add the personal experience, connection & excitement back to retail that your shoppers crave

        October 22, 2020

        Virtual selling is far more than a trend, and considerably more than sales associates interacting on Facebook or Zoom.

        As consumers are anxious about their finances and health ahead of the holiday season, according to Deloitte’s September consumer report, the uncertainty in our economy is causing U.S. shoppers to spend less. Unsurprisingly, the report also reveals that 60 percent of consumers are concerned about the health of their families leaving them anxious about spending time in stores.

        While the heightened safety requirements for both retail workers and their customers have accelerated to promote more contactless interactions like curbside pickup, buy online pickup in store (BOPIS), and self-checkout — but what if shoppers don’t step into the store?

        When consumers were asked how they planned to get through their holiday shopping and to-do lists this season, here’s how they responded:

        • 65 percent will shop online to avoid crowds
        • 48 percent will avoid malls
        • 69 percent will shop in stores closer to home
        Veras Affinity Remote Selling

        Now is the time to embrace remote or virtual selling. With remote selling, your organization can double customer engagement, productivity, and speed at lower costs by enabling remote selling teams. Sure, you can continue use Facebook or Zoom, but the experiences provided on these platforms are not trackable, personalized, integrated or consistent. While they help provide a quick fix to connect with shoppers, they’re hardly retail-focused and let’s face it, your customers expect more.

        Here are some compelling benefits of our in-app remote selling experience:

        • CONTROLLED ENVIRONMENT. The opportunities for abuse are greatly reduced and there is no need to worry about app downloads or platform compatibility.
        • INTEGRATED TO THE SELLING PROCESS. In addition to having visibility into past purchases, recommendations can be converted to purchases, saved to their wish lists or added to their omnichannel cart.
        • KNOW THE CUSTOMER’S INTERESTS. Whether they’re planning for an upcoming event or remodeling an entire room, keep track of their preferences and products as they build out various collections.
        • BEST OF ECOMMERCE. Take the immediacy and convenience of ecommerce combined with the high-level service and personal touch of a knowledgeable sales associate.

        In this Veras Affinity Remote Selling demo, take a closer look as we step you through how the associate:

        • Initiates the remote selling conversation at the appointed time
        • Shares rich product details and available promotions
        • Builds the basket all the way through to purchase
        Give your associates the tools they need to foster stronger customer relationships, increase engagement, and drive revenue.

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          VerasONE Digital 2020 Users Conference


          Veras Retail Users Conference │ September 22-23
          First-Ever Veras Retail APAC Event │ September 24

          VerasONE 2020 is going digital. And this year, we’re opening up registration to our customers AT NO COST.

          Our fourth annual users conference will feature the latest customer experience insights, product innovations, and best practices through strategic and technical sessions. Delivered virtually, this year’s VerasONE will open the event up to your entire retail team across North America and for the first time ever—the APAC region as well.

          This year’s content will encompass the same broad spectrum you’ve come to expect from our in-person events. Learnings will be highlighted throughout keynotes, panel discussions, and event sessions from a viewpoint that addresses retail threats and opportunities posted by the pandemic.

          We know you’re busier than ever, so VerasONE will be delivered as half-day sessions. Be sure to join us each day for the live keynotes and Q&A sessions. After the event, registered attendees will receive full access to session recordings, along with an array of additional sessions of tips, tricks, and product updates to access at your convenience and on demand from your browser.

          Mark your calendars for September 22-23 in North with America & September 24 in APAC.

          We will be sharing more event information soon along with how to register. So stay tuned!