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Advanced Promotions & Coupons

Smart and timely promotions drive more than sales

Power Complex Promotions with Ease

Provide your central office staff with user friendly tools to execute complex promotions at the point-of-sale or online.

  • Enterprise-grade, centralized promotions management
  • Execute accurate promotions at the POS or online
  • Buy X, Get Y
  • Spend & Save
  • Define cart-level offers and set complex rules
  • Run flash sales, BOGO or bundled discounts
Advanced Promotions and Coupons
Advanced Promotions and Coupons

Avoid Unintended Discounts

Simulate price events in advance, monitor at any time, and validate events remotely down to the register. Easily test promotions or load test scenarios to get the intended result at the point of sale, every time.

Prevent Loss from Coupon Abuse

Paper-based or digital, barcoded coupons feature unique codes that expire after use at the POS. Veras Activate helps ensure coupons are used for intended merchandise and safeguard premium-priced items.

Advanced Promotions and Coupons
Advanced Promotions and Coupons

Exclusive Serialized Coupons

Gauge the effectiveness of your campaigns through personalized serial coupons. Serialized offers can be targeted directly to the recipient, used a specific number of times, or even shared “for you and a friend”.

Prompts & Bounceback Coupons

Using the same flexible criteria as any other promotion in Veras Activate, create upselling prompts to the sales associate, tailored receipt messages, or follow-on orders to drive repeat visits.

Advanced Promotions and Coupons