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Customer Experience Applications

Deliver a seamless, unified customer-facing strategy

mPOS CheckOut Anywhere

Veras Extend acts as “another register” natively using CheckOut’s ERP, CRM and payment integrations.

  • Platform flexibility with iOS, Android and Windows
  • Associates see the same pricing and promotions for seamless operations
  • Execute full POS transactions or suspend and resume on a standard register
  • Operate mPOS at any offsite event or easily add another in-store register
Veras Extend
Veras Extend

Veras Affinity Clienteling

Veras Affinity is driven by an ultra-responsive engine. Unlike any other clienteling solution, direct associate input strengthens the data and trains the AI to make smarter recommendations to drive sales.

Endless Aisle, Endless Possibilities

Associates can search your entire global catalog, including any number of vendor catalogs, to present product availability, relevant promotions, and recommend similar items to the customer in-aisle. For any out-of-stock items, simply ship-to-store or ship directly to the customer from the device.

Veras Extend
Veras Extend

Price Checker & 360 Product View

Shoppers gain a full 360-product view through rich product descriptions, images, and helpful customer reviews. What’s more, customers will see all applicable promotions, accessories, and complementary items.

A Win-Win with Self Checkout

Give happy customer choice and speed at checkout. Maximize personnel productivity with labor costs during off-peak hours and seasonal surges. And, never lose a sale to long wait times.

Veras Extend