Associate-Driven Clienteling

Mobilize frontline workers with next-level customer insights and personalization

Retail-Hardened Solution

Platform agnostic, Veras Affinity is readily available on Samsung’s Galaxy Tab Active Pro.

  • Cost-effective, ruggedized tablet with Veras Affinity creates a powerful solution
  • Direct associate input strengthens data and trains AI to make smarter recommendations
  • Global search function looks across endless aisle catalog
  • Platform flexibility with Android, iOS and Windows

Intuitive, Game-Like Experience

With enjoyable game-like themes such as sports and royalty, Affinity keeps employees engaged from the start. Whether it’s by proximity or customer rank, associates can immediately view shoppers the moment they enter the store and dive into customer-specific data.

AI-Powered, Associate-Driven

Affinity’s AI engine presents more product options based on past purchases, in-store interactions, and milestones like birthdays and social media activity. And unlike any other clienteling solution, direct associate input strengthens the data and trains the AI to make smarter recommendations to drive sales.

Context Delivers Value

It’s undeniable that data can create value, but only when there’s enough context to provide true insights. Veras Affinity provides that quick context with its at-a-glance Preferences, Quick Tips, and Recommendation Factors view just above the customer’s tailored product recommendations.

Recommendation to Purchase

Recommendations can be converted into purchases, saved to the shopper’s wish lists, or added to the cart directly from the device through Affinity’s integration with Veras Extend mPOS. For any out-of-stock items, simply tap the Global Search icon to view enterprise inventory where items can be scheduled for remote pick up or shipped to the customer.