Remote Selling

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Veras Remote Selling

Deliver an immersive retail experience, anywhere

Add a Powerful Revenue Channel

Deliver an interactive virtual sales experience that is purpose-built for retail.

  • Side-by-side video and product information display
  • Shoppers interact with rich product information, reviews, and promotions
  • Store associates capture likes/dislikes and other personal feedback
  • Build the basket in real-time to purchase, pick-up and/or delivery
  • Access data crucial for marketing, loyalty, and merchandising decisions
Remote Selling
Remote Selling

Integrated Retail Experience

Already seeing the benefits of virtual sales through Zoom or Facebook? Now you can automate and dramatically improve that experience with Veras Remote Selling. Each session is trackable, personalized, and integrated with the point-of-sale to build the basket through purchase.

Interactive Product Visualization

Share full product details, images and videos along with promotions, ratings and customer reviews. And the store associate can push any number of items to the customer’s screen where they can interact with product details, add and remove items from the cart, save to their wish list, and complete purchases on their own.

Remote Selling
Remote Selling

The Right Product

Whether its replacing an item, starting a project, or completing a look, shoppers like to make sure they’re purchasing the right stuff before going to the store or having it delivered. Show items from the shelf to confirm availability or push digital product details to their screen to ensure the right product, every time.

Expand on High-Touch Services

Add modules like Affinity Clienteling and Black Book to amplify sales in-store and remotely. Affinity arms associates with helpful customer insights. And proactive outreach with Black Book enables staff to set alerts, send emails and texts to schedule appointments and timely follow-ups based on customer insights and events.

Remote Selling