How To Choose The Best POS System For Grocery Retail Chains

How To Choose The Best POS System For Grocery Retail Chains

Best POS System For Grocery

In this guide, we’ll be discussing the most important aspects of a POS system and how you can choose the best POS system for your business. So, stay tuned until the end so that you won’t miss out on any important information.  

Why do grocery businesses need a POS system?

There are a lot of tools that you can integrate into your grocery business. But, the importance of an on-point POS system is relatively higher than others. After all, running a grocery business chain is quite different from other run-of-the-mill businesses. It includes a unique inventory which must be accessed and updated frequently. However, updating the right price and accountability of the inventory is not the sole reason behind investing in a POS system. Here are a few more aspects that make a POS system extremely crucial for grocery chains. 

Reports and analytics

A POS system helps grocery businesses gather valuable data and generate detailed reports regarding sales, inventory, and customer information. These reports provide valuable insights such as which products are selling, peak hours of business, trends over time, etc. By analysing this data, grocery chains can make informed decisions about inventory management or pricing strategies to optimise profitability.

Simplified checkout process

POS systems also streamline the checkout process for both customers as well as employees. With features such as automated pricing, transactions can be processed quickly without needing any manual input. It also reduces waiting times at the checkout counter, improving customer satisfaction.

Integrated payment platforms

Modern POS systems offer integration with various advanced payment options, including but not limited to,  credit cards, debit cards, mobile wallets, and even contactless payments. By accepting multiple forms of payment, businesses can cater to customers’ diverse preferences with ease. It not only enhances convenience but also reduces the risk of lower sales due to limited payment options. Integrated payment platforms also facilitate secure transactions that protect sensitive customer data.

Enhanced customer relationship management

Last but not least, POS systems allow grocery businesses to track customers’ purchases and preferences with the help of previously collected data. By capturing customer data at the point of sale, businesses can easily identify potential buying patterns, send targeted promotions, and build stronger relationships with their customers. Additionally, POS systems can also integrate with dedicated customer relationship management (CRM) software, enabling businesses to provide superior customer service.

Key features to look for in a POS system for grocery

To find the best POS system for groceries, several key features must be considered before you make a choice. From real-time inventory management to secure payment portals, the selection of a POS system for grocery businesses demands careful consideration of the features and services offered by the system. These features contribute to an overall satisfactory customer experience which is key to sustainable growth for any grocery chain.

Real-time inventory management

Real-time inventory management is the most crucial part of any POS system as it allows grocery chains to track stock levels accurately as sales occur. It helps you prevent stockouts, ensuring that shelves are adequately stocked with the right products. By providing real-time visibility into inventory levels, the POS system can optimise ordering processes that can minimise storage costs and reduce the chances of stock shortages.

Customizable catalogue system

The customizable catalogue feature lets grocery chains organise products according to their specific preferences. Irrespective of the type of products you are stocking, it allows an overly simplified product management approach that includes adding new items, updating prices, and modifying product descriptions on the go. By customising the catalogue system, grocery chains can easily enhance the shopping experience for customers by improving navigation within the outlets and showcasing correct promotional offers at all times.

Mobile accessibility

Mobile accessibility is the one feature that any grocery chain POS system must have in this day and age. It enables businesses to extend the capabilities of their POS system beyond the traditional checkout counter. With mobile POS devices, employees can remotely perform various functions such as processing transactions, checking stock availability, or assisting customers with their queries. This flexibility improves the collective operational efficiency and significantly reduces wait times during peak hours.

Integrated CRM functionality

Customer relationship management or CRM has always been a preference for grocery chains. It is a key aspect that promises guaranteed customer retention for grocery chains, or any other type of business for that matter. However, integrated CRM functionality takes it a step forward as grocery chains can capture and analyse customer data directly via their POS system. By centralising customer information within the POS system, grocery chains can create special marketing campaigns with personalised promotions. It helps build stronger relationships with their customer base. Integrated CRM functionality also enables efficient customer service as employees can instantly access relevant customer data and provide personalised recommendations.

Secure payment portal

A secure payment portal is also extremely important for safeguarding sensitive customer information, all the while keeping the payment method in favour of the business. Advanced encryption technologies that comply with industry security standards, help safeguard sensitive details. A secure payment portal also instils trust among your customers, encouraging them to make purchases using different payment methods without any concerns about data security.

Empower your grocery business with Veras CheckOut 

Finding the best POS system can be challenging as it demands protracted research and analysis of features and services offered by the system. On top of that, it only makes sense to go with a trusted option which is currently being used by numerous grocery businesses who are actively benefiting from it. Therefore, we are here to offer you the best solution– Veras CheckOut

Veras CheckOut is the ultimate solution designed to revolutionise the way grocery businesses operate. With Veras CheckOut, you get access to an array of powerful features and services that empower your business to thrive in today’s competitive market. Whether it is real-time inventory management, flexible payment options, or comprehensive insights with analytics tools, Veras CheckOut has it all. 

On top of that, you will be handling Veras CheckOut via an extremely user-friendly interface designed to make the program easy to adapt for everyone. So whether your employees are already familiar with the POS system, or just getting started now, Veras CheckOut can ensure a seamless transition. 

Want to know more about Veras CheckOut? Contact us now or visit our website



Your Win/DSS Upgrade is Long Overdue

Win/DSS Migration

Your Win/DSS Upgrade is Long Overdue

February 22, 2022

If you’re a retailer and Win/DSS is your point-of-sale system, your IT, operations, and customer-facing associates are struggling with a rigid, outdated system that has some serious limitations.  

Designed before the age of mobile and digital commerce, Win/DSS falls incredibly short when it comes to empowering today’s retailers to deliver omnichannel experiences. We understand that getting your enterprise on a new platform may seem challenging. However, when you consider the time and resources wasted to stay afloat on a legacy platform – while falling further behind on modern retail experiences – it makes sense to upgrade.

We know the limitations you face when it comes to the many obstacles and workarounds in Win/DSS. They can include daily corrupt files and lost transactions, serious disruptions to sales and customer experience, and the most convoluted manual processes to complete transactions and keep the system running. The following infographic underscores some of the of the top Win/DSS burdens alongside the immediate benefits that could be gained with an upgrade to Veras CheckOut.

Win/DSS Infographic

Immediate Benefits Upgrading to Veras CheckOut

(click image below to expand)

BIG Omnichannel Platform Gains

Let’s face it, most of the elements called out in the Win/DSS infographic are table stakes. With all that retailers need to achieve to deliver on customer demands, a modern omnichannel platform should offer far more. Through Veras CheckOut’s future-proof platform architecture, omnichannel capabilities, flexible modes of selling, and AI-driven customer experiences – CheckOut provides a path forward for retailers to execute on their omnichannel vision.

Using real-time enterprise inventory data and centralized order visibility and alerting, Veras CheckOut creates the ultimate omnichannel experience on a single, unified platform through:

  • Enterprise-grade technology
  • Services-based architecture
  • Hardware-agnostic integrations
  • Real-time data and inventory management
  • Frictionless omnichannel and cross-store selling
  • Integrated modules for mPOS, clienteling, remote selling, and more
Retail Experiences Built Around the Customer

Whether it’s in-store or digitally, the Veras Extend Customer Experience platform supports modern mobile and cross-channel capabilities on iOS, Android and Windows platforms. Extend offers a lightweight native client that integrates to Veras CheckOut transparently to power a variety of associate- and customer-facing experience on mobile and fixed devices, including the capabilities below.

Additionally, with real-time connectivity and enterprise-wide inventory availability, the Veras platform delivers a comprehensive inventory solution to optimally locate, pick, ship and restock merchandise to meet the needs of the cross-channel shopper so you never lose a sale.

  • Ship from Store or Warehouse
  • Endless Aisle / Save-the-Sale
  • Cross-Store Pickup
  • Ship-to-Store
  • Bulk Item Pickup
  • Buy Online Pickup in Store

Cater to Your Customer’s Shopping Styles

Consumer behavior and shopping preferences can vary greatly, which impacts how a customer may want to shop in the store. There are many variables at play. Does the customer already know the item they want? Perhaps the customer has a question but can’t seem to find a store associate to help. Or maybe your customer is in a rush and needs to get checked out quickly.

Whatever the scenario, Veras’ in-store solutions including Product Kiosk, mPOS, and Self-Checkout allow shoppers to get what they need and in the way they like to shop.

Product Kiosk. In addition to obtaining pricing details, Veras Product Kiosk’s interactive touchscreens empower shoppers to explore on their own. Shoppers gain a full 360-product view through rich product descriptions, images, and customer reviews.

Mobile Point-of-Sale. With Veras Mobile Point-of-Sale, perform full point-of-sale transactions with secure payments or suspend the transaction and complete it on a standard register. And operate mPOS at any offsite event or easily add an in-store register by docking the tablet as a fixed POS terminal.

Self-Checkout. In addition to giving happy customers choice and speed with Veras Self-Checkout, retailers can experience big benefits as well. Maximize personnel productivity with labor costs during off-peak hours and seasonal surges. And never lose a sale to long wait times by making the most of your floor space to drive more transactions.

Personalized Shopping & New Digital Channels

The shift and appetite for digital commerce has made it possible for retailers to reach and personalize shopping experiences like never before. Omnichannel and new digital capabilities like Veras Remote Selling are putting customers entirely in control to shop as they desire. And smart and connected technologies such as Veras Affinity Clienteling create opportunities for store associates to reach more customers and in more meaningful ways.

Affinity In-Store Clienteling. Veras Affinity Clienteling mobilizes frontline workers with next-level customer insights and personalization the moment shoppers walk into the store. The ultra-responsive, intelligent engine helps anticipate and deliver on the customer’s wants, allowing store associates to provide the high-touch, consultative service many shoppers desire. And customer interest can be quickly converted into purchases with checkout in-aisle.

Remote Selling. Veras Remote Selling adds a powerful revenue channel for the store. Browser-based and purpose-built for retail, remote selling combines the ease of ecommerce with the high-level service and personal touch of a knowledgeable sales associate. The associate can share products live in the store and digitally through the platform where customers may browse, save to their wish list, and complete purchases.

Black Book Customer Outreach. With Veras Black Book, retail staff working in-store or remotely can provide personalized services to better track and engage with the customer on an on-going basis. Black Book drives proactive and personalized outreach using customer data, timely alerts and reminders, and convenient templates for store associates to always be in touch with your best customers.

All of this is enabled by Veras’ services-oriented, future-proof platform. Highly adaptable to support a variety of deployment models, the platform’s microservices API layer shares business logic across an array of endpoints. From traditional POS to mobile selling to clienteling, our proven enterprise architecture allows retailers to not only innovate faster, but at lower TCO.

Our Win/DSS Knowledge & Expertise

Lastly, the experts at Veras, several of whom once implemented, trained and supported Win/DSS, acquired the technology in 2016. The team has since shed the legacy software to deliver a leading omnichannel solution.

Additional Migration Benefits:

  • Thoughtful design transition across UI, terminology, and process flows
  • Veras CheckOut’s integration to JDA MMS
  • Transparency to finance, sales audit, and inventory control
  • Easy customizations
  • Upgrades without impacting the standard software

Now that we’ve taken you through the daily burdens of Win/DSS and big-picture gains of omnichannel POS through the Veras unified platform – isn’t it time to take the next step forward? 

There’s no better time to upgrade. Contact us to learn how you can make smart technology investments through a modern POS platform while leveling up your entire retail operations. 

Free Digital Receipts with Veras Omnichannel POS

Purchase any cart-based application on our omnichannel platform & receive free* digital receipts with flexEngage

This special offer is included with Veras CheckOut 11.1 (and subsequent versions), mPOS, Self-Checkout, Endless Aisle and Remote Selling.

Nearly every stage of a shopper’s end-to-end experience, from the moment they search for a product or step into a store, has the opportunity to be personalized. Given the ability to intelligently mine and collect shopper data, AI and ML-driven retail technologies such as Veras Affinity Clienteling, Remote Selling and Black Book, offer enormous potential for retailers to build effective, context-aware processes to deliver compelling experiences, and empower frontline workers to facilitate that journey.

Post-Purchase Communications

An important and often overlooked portion of that journey is post-purchase communications. Revenue generated from initial sales is certainly a building block for any retailer, but retention is what helps foster sales growth and really set a business apart from other merchants. Did you know that acquiring new customers costs five times as much as it costs to retain existing customers? What’s more, new customers are 5%–20% likely to make a purchase, while existing customers are 60%–70%.

Effective post-purchase communications contribute to higher customer retention rates. The flexEngage digital marketing platform combined with Veras’ omnichannel retail technology promotes just that. Digital receipts help keep the conversation going with customers after they leave the store or make a digital purchase to strengthen the relationship with your brand inspire brand loyalty through ongoing, personalized engagement.

More Ways to Personalize. More Opportunities to Convert.

Static and basic transactional messages can be easily ignored, unlike flexEngage’s digital receipts that can help retailers deepen and extend customer loyalty after each transaction by:

• Turning receipts into repeat purchases 

• Creating loyalty through convenience 

• Engaging beyond the purchase 

FREE* Essential Tier Benefits with Veras Solutions

When you purchase or upgrade to Veras CheckOut 11.1 (or subsequent version), mPOS, Self-Checkout, Endless Aisle and Remote Selling, you’ll receive flexEngage’s Essential digital receipt bundle at no additional cost.

Complementary front-end features in the Essential tier include barcode, clickable logo sent to your domain, PDF attachment, and the added benefits of:

• Contactless experiences 

• Increased email adoption 

• Reduced paper costs 

* Available to customers in North America. Some add-on services may incur additional costs, such as third-party survey integration.

Digital innovation in omnichannel, mobile and remote selling, real-time inventory visibility, and customer experience is on everyone’s wish lists with big plans to execute in 2022. Are you ready to perfect the customer connection and engage with shoppers post-purchase? We’re here to partner and help support leading retailers to achieve these goals.

There’s no time to delay as data is dramatically disrupting the way retailers do business. Data intelligence and the right retail technologies will drive it even further—and those who can optimally leverage their data will gain a competitive edge.


Learn how Veras’ cart-based applications integrated with flexEngage digital receipts offer more ways to personalize and engage with shoppers post-purchase.


    Abenson Selects Veras CheckOut for Omnichannel POS

    Abenson Global City

    Veras CheckOut Provides Leading Philippine Electronics, Appliance, and Furniture Superstores with Modern Omnichannel Platform to Innovate Quickly at Lower TCO


    Abenson and its Affiliate Brands Select Veras Retail’s Enterprise-Class, Unified POS Platform

    August 18, 2021 – PHOENIX – Veras Retail, a leading global provider of omnichannel technology to deliver enhanced retail experiences, today announced that Abenson will modernize its retail operations with Veras CheckOut omnichannel point-of-sale and Veras Activate for centralized promotions management. Additionally, its affiliate brands with varying retail formats—including Abenson Electroworld and Abenson Home—will also deploy Veras CheckOut in a single, cohesive environment.

    The Veras BIR-accredited point-of-sale solution will automate compliance requirements, add omnichannel flexibility, and enable new digital and in-store strategies across more than 500 points of sale across these varied retail chains nationwide. Streamlining several special tax considerations and promotional calculations, Veras CheckOut will dramatically simplify and speed transactions to deliver a superior checkout experience.

    “Through Abenson’s experiential flagship store, safe and secure access to carefully selected products, and a highly trained staff delivering the best customer service—our success stems from our vision to deliver a new level of retail experience,” said Mr. Winston Lim, Managing Director of Abenson. “With Veras’ platform, we’ll continue to expand on that with enhanced online and offline shopping experiences that are consistent, personalized, and customer-driven.”

    From specialty retail to department stores to grocery, Veras CheckOut’s unmatched flexibility on a single, unified platform delivers:

    •  Seamless omnichannel and cross-store selling

    •  PCI out-of-scope payment integrations

    •  Hardware agnostic and mobile-ready integrations

    •  Flexible on-premise, cloud or hybrid deployments

    •  Add-on modules for endless aisle, self-checkout, clienteling, remote selling, and more

    Veras’ omnichannel platform will provide Abenson and the affiliate brands with a suite of cross-channel and cross-store selling capabilities, including Veras Activate. With endless discount options available out-of-the-box, Activate’s advanced promotional tools enable central office staff to manage complex promotions accurately and consistently across stores, mobile, and ecommerce. Furthermore, the built-in price simulator module replicates and monitors price events before go-live to avoid any unintended discounts, and ensures shoppers get the expected result at the point of sale, every time.

    “Abenson is bringing a world-class retail experience to the emerging Philippine market where a great deal of transformation is taking place,” said Rohit Vir, CEO of Veras Retail. “We’re honored to be selected by the Abenson family of brands as their strategic partner. Clearly our dynamic platform is filling a market gap to provide a tailored enterprise solution that allows retailers to innovate quickly to meet the customer.”

    About Veras Retail

    Veras Retail builds innovative omnichannel solutions to connect with consumers at every point of decision. It starts at the store, providing fixed and mobile point-of-sale, retail CRM, omnichannel inventory, mobile selling tools, and seamless cross-channel execution. Headquartered in Phoenix, Ariz., Veras is focused on using technology to rapidly implement new solutions to foster positive, meaningful, and profitable omnichannel interactions between retailers and consumers. Veras powers more than 160,000 lanes in over 50 retailers around the world. Top clients include Office Depot, Kirkland’s, Floor & Decor, DKNY, Best & Less, LCC and MEC. To learn more, visit and follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter.


    Get Digital Receipts at No Cost with Veras CheckOut

    Contactless Receipts with Veras CheckOut 11.1

    Get Digital Receipts at No Cost with Veras CheckOut 11.1

    January 19, 2021

    The recent release of Veras CheckOut 11.1 includes exciting new enhancements, along with the integration with our trusted partner flexEngage. Upgrade to our modern POS platform and you’ll receive free* contactless receipts.

    Veras CheckOut 11.1, as well as the Veras Extend mPOS and self-checkout modules, now integrate to the flexEngage digital receipt platform. The flexEngage integration uniquely supports real-time personalized offers at the point-of-sale. Seamless digital receipt process flows allow for known customer preferences to be more quickly and consistently applied in the transaction. Now when you implement Veras CheckOut 11.1, you’ll receive free* digital receipts through flexEngage’s Essential plan.

    Turn Purchasing Data into Meaningful Contact

    flexEngage is a POS marketing service that delivers custom-made transactional messages, which reduce customer churn for brand-driven retailers.

    Offering several levels – Essential, Pro, and Enterprise – find the right tier for your customer outreach and loyalty goals to best fit your needs.


    Front-end features that are complementary in flexEngage’s Essential tier include barcode, clickable logo sent to your domain, PDF attachment, and the added benefits of:

    • Contactless Experiences
    • Increased Email Adoption
    • Reduced Paper Costs
    Services-Oriented, Future-Proof Platform

    With the flexEngage integration on CheckOut’s omnichannel platform, retailers can continue to drive innovation, offer better customer experiences, and unlock additional responsive technologies and capabilities. 

    flexEngage digital receipts

    From enhancements to a complete upgrade, Veras provides a clear migration path to modernize your POS platform with Veras CheckOut. Highly adaptable to support a variety of deployment models including on-prem, cloud or hybrid deployments, the platform’s microservices API layer shares business logic across an array of endpoints. From traditional POS to mobile selling to retail kiosks, our proven enterprise architecture allows retailers to innovate faster, and at lower TCO.

    Veras CheckOut also helps the store become an extension of your omnichannel strategy to provide a suite of cross-channel and cross-store selling capabilities.

    VERAS EXTEND PLATFORM. Extend brings the point-of-sale and mobile selling to customers in-aisle or offsite. Extend goes beyond checkout to enable mobile for inventory, clienteling, unified product search, price checker and self-checkout.

    VERAS AFFINITY CLIENTELING. Affinity help retailers connect online and offline data with store initiatives and empower their associates with a 360-degree view of the customer. Unlike any other clienteling solution, direct associate input strengthens the data and trains the AI to make smarter recommendations to drive sales.

    VERAS REMOTE SELLING. Remote Selling allows retailers to personalize and connect with shoppers virtually. Unlike Facebook or Zoom, our end-to-end experience is trackable, integrated, and consistent. From initiating the virtual appointment, to sharing rich product details, and building the basket all the way through purchase—Veras Remote Selling helps retailers stay connected even at a distance.

    Plus, additional features referred to as “FIGI” (“Find It, Get It”), encompass all of the following business scenarios through Veras CheckOut:

    • Send Sale. Collect and track shipping information for items sold in-store and shipped to the customer.
    • Charge Send. Save the sale using “endless aisle” of enterprise inventory. Sell merchandise at POS and ship to the customer from any store or warehouse in a single POS transaction.
    • Remote Pickup. Locate inventory in any location from any point of sale (including ecommerce or call center) and pickup in store.
    • Ship-to-Store. Buy online from warehouse inventory and pickup at store.
    • Storage Buy. Buy bulk/heavy items and collect them later from storage location in the same store.
    • Buy Online, Pickup In Store. Buy items online or in a different retail location and collect them later.

    With the right strategy, point-of-sale systems can be a powerful business enabler. At Veras, we recognized a market need for a flexible, cost-effective, and lightweight platform that can rapidly scale and shift to meet the shopper—how and where they want to shop. That’s what you’ll find in our unified retail platform, which looks at every point of interaction as an opportunity to connect, understand, and sell to the customer.

    Take advantage of flexEngage’s exciting digital receipts offer! Contact us to see how upgrading to Veras CheckOut can help simplify operations and deliver the ultimate shopping experience.

    * Available to customers in North America. Some add-on services may incur additional costs, such as third-party survey integration.


    Veras CheckOut 11.0 Achieves Philippine BIR Accreditation for POS

    Metro Manila_Veras CheckOut BIR Certification

    Veras CheckOut 11.0 Achieves Philippine BIR Accreditation for POS

    Veras Retail automates heavy compliance requirements, adds omnichannel flexibility, and new strategies for retailers in the Philippines.

    July 28, 2020 – PHOENIX – Veras Retail, a leading global provider of omnichannel technology and customer experience platform for enterprise retail, today announced its Philippine Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) accreditation for Veras CheckOut 11.0.

    In accordance with BIR’s exacting standards, the modern point-of-sale solution removes cumbersome manual processes and eliminates human errors associated with sales tax, value-added tax (VAT), discount threshold, and complex exemption scenarios. Veras CheckOut’s new software enhancements also provide a foundation for addressing similar requirements in other countries.

    “We are thrilled that Veras CheckOut was awarded BIR certification. With this accreditation, we look forward to expanding our existing customer base in the Philippines, one of the most robust retail sectors in Southeast Asia,” said Rohit Vir, CEO of Veras Retail.

    Retailers doing business in the Philippines must regularly report on multiple transaction types to demonstrate compliance or face significant penalties if they are determined to violate BIR’s laws, rules, and regulations. Streamlining several government-discount types and promotional calculations, CheckOut’s BIR-certified software greatly reduces transaction time and eliminates customer frustration due to errors at the point-of-sale.

    Veras CheckOut provides Philippine retailers a new level of transaction visibility and the ability to automatically report on store sales and sales by register, senior citizen transactions, and person with disability transactions with the click of a button.

    In addition to BIR automation and compliance, Veras Retail’s technology-forward platform offers effective retail strategies, allowing retailers to better respond to new customer expectations and shopping behaviors through:

    “From grocery to hypermarket and apparel to specialty retail, Veras CheckOut provides built-in compliance on a modern omnichannel platform to support rapid and cost-effective technology adoption, now and into the future.” added Vir.

    About Veras Retail
    Veras Retail builds innovative omnichannel solutions to connect with consumers at every point of decision. It starts at the store, providing fixed and mobile point-of-sale, retail CRM, omnichannel inventory, mobile selling tools, and seamless cross-channel execution. Headquartered in Phoenix, Ariz., Veras is focused on using technology to rapidly implement new solutions to foster positive, meaningful, and profitable omnichannel interactions between retailers and consumers. Veras powers more than 160,000 lanes in over 50 retailers around the world. Top clients include Office Depot, Kirkland’s, Floor and Decor, DKNY, Best & Less, and MEC. To learn more, visit and follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter.

    Veras CheckOut can be a powerful business enabler. See how upgrading to a modern POS can simplify your retail operations while delivering the ultimate customer experience.

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      Introducing Veras Extend’s Mobile POS Platform

      Introducing Veras Extend’s Mobile POS Platform

      September 16, 2019

      Extend’s Mobile POS Delivers Beyond Traditional Point-of-Sale. And with Veras CheckOut, Extend’s mPOS is Included.

      At the VerasONE 2019 user conference in Las Vegas today, we announced the availability of the new generation of the Veras Extend mobile platform. This new version of Extend replaces the previous iOS and Android native framework with a new look and feel, new capabilities, and a new technology paradigm.

      New Paradigm. New Customer-Facing, In-Store Capabilities.
      • Bringing Ecommerce to the Store
        The Veras Extend platform is designed from the ground up to address omnichannel shopping in the store. From save-the-sale ordering and endless aisle extended catalog lookup, to clienteling tools to ensure a personalized shopping experience, Veras Extend delivers a single customer-facing experience.
      • Flexible Enough to Work with Any Platform
        Using a hybrid web/native app framework, it can run on just about any platform – iOS and Android to start with, with Windows, Linux, and MacOS coming in January – and any form factor – desktop, tablet, or handheld.
      • Expanding to Other Store-Facing Applications
        While the initial release of the Extend platform is focused on selling and customer-service scenarios that are most commonly requested by our customers for mobile use cases, the platform will eventually encompass all the store-facing functionality provided today, as well as new capabilities like self-checkout.
      • Fast, Flexible Deployments
        Just like Veras CheckOut, Veras Extend can be deployed in a multi-site cloud model, a distributed on-premises model for maximum resiliency, or any combination in between.

      As with the previous generation of Veras Extend, the new version uses battle-tested functionality from Veras CheckOut, our enterprise point-of-sale application. Proven omnichannel ordering and promotional pricing capabilities, along with built-in payment processing and other third-party integrations are accessed by Veras Extend through a RESTful API layer. This allows Veras Extend to act as ‘just another register’ in the store, working seamlessly with Veras CheckOut data, business logic, and integrations.

      Giving Retailers More Options

      We understand that the enterprise mobility landscape for retailers is challenging. For instance, hardware providers that provide ruggedized enterprise solutions are expensive and inflexible, and grafting enterprise mobility sleds onto consumer devices such as iPads puts the retailer at the mercy of the yearly consumer hardware refresh cycle. By making the Veras Extend application platform-agnostic, we help provide retailers with more options. We’ve taken that a step further by embedding the lightning-fast Scandit camera-based scanning capability into Veras Extend.  

      Scandit’s SaaS-based model allows retailers to use their scanning software across devices and platforms. If an iPad in your store breaks, replace it with an iPad mini, or a Samsung tablet. The Scandit subscription carries across devices, to ensure that you’re paying only for the scanning used. Combined with Scandit’s scanning performance, retailers can achieve both cost savings and flexibility.

      Mobile POS Included with Veras CheckOut

      Finally, to bury the lede completely, we are happy to announce that Veras Extend mPOS is included for all current and future users of Veras CheckOut. While other vendors move to a model where pricing varies by platform or by transaction volume, our pricing remains on a predictable per-store basis, regardless of the number of terminals per store, regardless of the platform, and regardless of the deployment model. 

      At Veras Retail, we truly believe in empowering retailers with integrated mobile solutions to provide the best in-store experience. To learn more about our you can make mPOS work in your stores, download the Extend solution brief or contact us today for personalized demo.

      Contact Us