Elevating retail experiences with Veras Extend: A revolutionary customer experience application


Elevating retail experiences with Veras Extend: A revolutionary customer experience application

February 7 2024

Recent changes in the retail landscape make adopting an Enterprise Omnichannel Point-of-Sale (POS) system not just a preference, but a vital necessity. Veras CheckOut emerges as the best POS system for retail, leveraging real-time enterprise inventory data to seamlessly integrate the power of e-commerce into brick-and-mortar stores. Let’s explore the key features that make Veras CheckOut a game-changer in the retail arena.

Enterprise-Enabled Excellence

Veras CheckOut’s enterprise-enabled design, coupled with offline reliability, ensures that your retail operations continue smoothly even in the face of connectivity challenges. This feature guarantees uninterrupted service, instilling confidence in both customers and retailers alike.

Seamless Omnichannel Experience

In an era where customers demand a consistent experience across various touchpoints, Veras CheckOut is the best POS system for retail. It enables cross-store selling effortlessly, allowing customers to transition between online and in-store shopping without missing a beat.

Rich Promotional Engine

Enhance your POS retail solution and engagement strategies with Veras CheckOut’s rich promotional engine. Run targeted promotions, discounts, and loyalty programs directly through the platform, creating compelling and personalized shopping experiences that drive customer loyalty.

Hardware Agnostic Flexibility

Adaptability is key in retail, and Veras CheckOut delivers by being hardware agnostic. This flexibility allows retailers to choose the POS hardware that aligns best with their operational needs without sacrificing functionality.

PCI “Out-of-Scope” Payment Integrations

Security is paramount in retail transactions, and Veras CheckOut prioritizes this with PCI “out-of-scope” payment integrations. This not only ensures secure payment processing but also simplifies the compliance process for retailers, minimizing potential risks.

Veras Stock: Facilitating Store-Level Processes And Enhancing Customer Experience

Veras CheckOut goes beyond transactional capabilities by including Veras Stock, a comprehensive inventory management solution. Accelerate store-level processes, simplify inventory management, and meet consumer expectations by ensuring accurate and real-time visibility into enterprise inventory data.

Veras Control: Centralized Administrative Capabilities

For streamlined operations and optimal business performance, Veras CheckOut integrates Veras Control. This centralized administrative tool allows central office support staff to monitor, configure, and deploy changes to the in-store CheckOut environment in real-time. From setting up new stores to defining business process flows, Veras Control ensures alignment between stores and corporate levels.

Veras Extend: Mobile Selling for the Modern Retailer

Veras CheckOut doesn’t stop at traditional checkout processes; it extends its capabilities with Veras Extend. This feature empowers retailers with mobile selling options, including inventory management, clienteling, unified product search, price checks, and self-checkout, making it the best POS system for retail.

In conclusion, Veras CheckOut is not just a POS retail solution; it’s a comprehensive ecosystem that addresses the diverse needs of modern retail. From ensuring the right product availability through Veras Stock to providing central office visibility and alignment with Veras Control, this platform is poised to elevate your retail experience and keep you ahead in the competitive landscape.


Elevating retail experiences with Veras Extend: A revolutionary customer experience application


Elevating retail experiences with Veras Extend: A revolutionary customer experience application

January 27 2024

In the dynamic realm of retail, where seamless customer experiences are paramount, Veras Extend emerges as a groundbreaking customer experience application. This innovative solution caters to the evolving needs of modern consumers who seek a blend of digital and physical interactions during their shopping journey.

mPOS Device: Transforming retail operations

Veras Extend functions as an advanced Mobile Point of Sale (mPOS) device, redefining in-store operations. By seamlessly integrating with Veras CheckOut’s ERP, CRM, and other payment systems, it acts as an additional register, providing associates with the same pricing and promotions for streamlined operations. Associates can effortlessly conduct full point-of-sale transactions, ensuring secure payments, and even suspend transactions for completion on a standard register. The versatility of mPOS extends to offsite events or easily adding an in-store register, enhancing flexibility and efficiency.

Revolutionizing customer engagement with Affinity Clienteling

Driven by an ultra-responsive and intelligent engine, Veras Affinity within Veras Extend anticipates and fulfills customer desires. Through pre-defined preferences shaped by intelligent algorithms and ‘quick tips,’ it delivers highly personalized recommendations. What sets Affinity apart is the direct input from associates, strengthening data and training the AI to make smarter recommendations, thereby driving sales and enhancing customer relationships.

Endless aisle capabilities

Veras Extend’s unified product search transforms associates into informed guides, allowing them to search the entire global catalog. This enables the presentation of product availability, relevant promotions, and recommendations for similar items, reducing lost sales and meeting customer expectations. The capability to seamlessly ship to the store or directly to the customer from the mobile device adds a layer of convenience.

Enriching in-store exploration with price checker and 360 product view

Veras Extend’s Price Checker elevates the in-store experience, offering not just pricing details but an interactive touchscreen for shoppers. This empowers customers to explore products independently, providing a 360-degree view through rich product descriptions, images, and customer reviews. Additionally, shoppers gain visibility into all applicable promotions, accessories, and complementary items, delivering a holistic in-store experience that combines the best of brick-and-mortar and e-commerce.

Efficiency redefined with self-checkout

Veras Extend supports self-checkout, aligning with the preferences of 66 percent of shoppers who opt for self-service. This not only gives customers choice and speed but also enables retailers to maximize personnel productivity during off-peak hours. The utilization of floor space for driving more transactions ensures a seamless and efficient checkout experience.

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Veras Extend: A comprehensive customer experience application for your retail business

In the era of elevated retail experiences, Veras Extend stands out as a comprehensive customer experience application, reshaping how retailers engage with and delight their customers at every touchpoint. Experience the future of retail with Veras Extend, where innovation meets customer-centricity. To know more, connect with our team today.


Perfecting the retail connection with the Veras Retail application suite


Perfecting the retail connection with the Veras Retail application suite

January 26 2024

A robust retail application suite has now become a cornerstone for success in the industry. Keeping this philosophy at heart, we created the Veras Retail suite, a comprehensive set of retail tools designed to perfect the retailer-customer connection at every touchpoint of the shopping journey.

At the core of our retail application suite is a commitment to enhancing customer experiences. From personalized product recommendations and promotions to empowering in-store associates to deliver enhanced services and ensuring efficient inventory management to seamless checkouts, we empower retailers to elevate their sales strategies and foster customer loyalty.

Veras Retail Application Suite- More than just advanced tools

But what sets us apart extends beyond these individual solutions. Retailers leveraging the Veras Retail Application Suite benefit from a specialized focus on industry nuances. Here’s how-

Tailored solutions for specific verticals: From fashion to footwear and home goods to electronics, we ensure that the features and functionality provided in our solutions are precisely attuned to the unique needs of each industry.

Omnichannel capabilities: Retailers can seamlessly manage their business across various channels, spanning brick-and-mortar stores, e-commerce platforms, and mobile devices. This holistic approach ensures a unified and cohesive customer experience regardless of the shopping avenue.

Integration capabilities: The system seamlessly integrates with other essential tools like accounting software, e-commerce platforms, and marketing automation tools, streamlining operations and enhancing efficiency. In addition to these, Veras POS boasts advanced features encompassing customer and employee management, promotions, and robust reporting and analytics. The Extend platform further augments this with capabilities for mobile services, self-checkout, and clienteling, providing a comprehensive solution for diverse retail needs.

Flexibility and scalability: The Veras Retail Application Suite offers not just tools but works as a partner that grows with the retailer. The system is designed to be flexible, allowing retailers to tailor solutions to their specific requirements, ensuring they can easily expand their system as their business flourishes.


The Veras Retail Application Suite is designed to adapt to the ever-evolving trends of the industry and the ever-changing demands of the customers. With a strategic focus on every touch point of a shopping journey, this retail application ensures elevated services and experiences every single time. Built to create unparalleled customer connections and deliver retail success, our retail application suite truly helps retailers break new ground. Connect with us today to know more.


Maximizing efficiency: The significance of strategic retail inventory management


Maximizing efficiency: The significance of strategic retail inventory management

December 13 2023

Optimal inventory management has always been one of the cornerstones of retail success. While it facilitates efficient operations, inventory management in today’s landscape serves a greater purpose. It is a strategy that can highly influence customer satisfaction and overall business trajectory. Here’s how-

Enhanced customer experiences

Customers now expect exceptional services. A fundamental of this expectation is accurate information on the availability of products. A robust inventory management system enables retailers to offer real-time insights into product availability across their enterprise. A seamlessly managed inventory empowers retailers to create a shopping environment where customers can access desired products promptly, fostering loyalty and positive brand perception.

Optimized stock planning

Strategic stock planning is instrumental in mitigating losses and maximizing profits. An efficient inventory system empowers retailers to analyze and forecast demand accurately to streamline the procurement processes. This proactive approach helps prevent overstocking or stockouts.

Operational productivity

Efficient inventory management correlates directly with operational productivity and increased profitability. Real-time inventory insights and product location details can enhance everyday operations, improve fulfilment processes, and optimize resource location as well.

Veras Omniview: An omnichannel inventory management solution

Veras Omniview is a strategic tool that goes beyond traditional inventory management, offering unparalleled features that empower retailers to maximize productivity, improve service quality, and boost profits.

With Veras Omniview, retailers gain unparalleled visibility into their inventory positions. The system’s real-time inventory availability feature provides associates with enterprise-wide insights, whether at the warehouse, store, or aisle-bay-shelf-bin level. It goes further by seamlessly addressing various retail scenarios, including Buy Online, Pick Up In-Store (BOPIS), and save-the-sale capabilities.

Veras Omniview also transforms stores into responsive e-commerce fulfilment centres, optimizing the picking process and leveraging staff efficiently. From detecting out-of-stock items on the sales floor to replenishing inventory on the fly, Veras Omniview ensures that in-demand products are made available to customers. 

Bring Veras Omniview’s innovative and integrated features to your retail business

Veras Omniview is not just an inventory management system, it is a strategic ally for retailers navigating the complexities of the modern retail landscape. By seamlessly integrating advanced features and user-friendly architecture, it empowers retailers to streamline operations, elevate customer experiences, and pave the way for sustained profitability. To know more, connect with our team today.


Elevating retail success: The power of customer interaction at every touchpoint

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Elevating retail success: The power of customer interaction at every touchpoint

November 28 2023

In the dynamic landscape of retail, the journey a customer embarks upon is not merely a transaction, it is an experience and the importance of customer interaction at every touchpoint cannot be overstated. It is the heartbeat of successful retail operations, shaping the customer journey from the first click to the final purchase.

The essence of customer interaction

Customer interactions are the linchpin that holds the entire retail journey together. It is about reaching out to customers at every critical juncture, offering them a seamless and delightful experience. Timely, personalized promotions and incentives create a sense of value and appreciation, fostering a connection that extends beyond mere transactions.

Imagine walking into a store where associates know your preferences, guide you to the latest promotions, and effortlessly fulfill your orders. This level of personalized interaction transforms a routine shopping trip into an enjoyable experience. Retailers who understand the significance of managing and incentivizing customers throughout their journey are paving the way for sustained success.

Crafting in-store environments with tailored data

Creating an appealing in-store environment is an art, and it begins with empowered associates armed with tailored customer data. These associates act as brand ambassadors, offering personalized recommendations that resonate with customers’ tastes and preferences. In this age of endless choices, a customized in-store experience stands out, fostering customer loyalty.

Optimal inventory management is another vital component of customer interaction. The ability to fulfill every in-store and online order in a timely fashion reflects the retailer’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

Streamlined checkout systems and engaging loyalty programs

A streamlined checkout system is the final chapter of a customer’s journey through your store. Long queues and cumbersome processes can tarnish the positive experiences accumulated during the shopping journey. Retailers must invest in systems that make the checkout process swift and hassle-free.

Engaging loyalty programs are the cherry on top of every shopping journey. They not only incentivize customers to return but also create a sense of belonging. Customers appreciate being recognized and rewarded for their loyalty, and this appreciation translates into repeat business.

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Veras Retail’s CheckOut Solutions Suite: Transforming shopping journeys

Enter Veras Retail, a pioneer in retail tech solutions that seamlessly enable customer interaction at every touchpoint. Our suite of innovative, flexible, and scalable solutions is designed to empower retailers in crafting a unified commerce customer-facing strategy.

At Veras Retail, we understand that customer journeys are a mosaic of interactions, and our solutions are crafted with this understanding.

Personalized recommendations: Our solutions empower associates with tailored customer data, allowing them to make personalized recommendations that resonate with individual preferences.

Streamlined checkout systems: The suite includes streamlined checkout systems that reduce wait times and enhance the overall shopping experience.

Engaging loyalty programs and promotions: Veras Retail’s loyalty programs and timely promotions are designed to captivate customers, offering rewards and incentives that encourage repeat visits and foster brand loyalty.

In conclusion, customer interaction at every touchpoint is the bedrock of successful retail. It is about understanding the nuances of the customer journey and leveraging innovative solutions to create a seamless and delightful experience. Our suite of retail tech solutions are a testament to our commitment to transforming retail operations, making every customer interaction not just easy but exceptional. To know more, connect with us today.