Go Beyond Retail Storefront with Veras Remote Selling

According to a recent report by Endear, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of remote selling strategies among retailers. With in-person shopping being very limited back then, many retailers have turned to remote selling tools and techniques to engage customers and drive sales. 

Even though the pandemic era has passed, it has left a lasting impression on consumers. Most customers still prefer remote purchasing for various reasons, such as ease of browsing, shopping comfort, effortless delivery, and more.

In retrospect, virtual selling is not a new concept. In fact, the complex buying cycle of remote selling, where most conversions occur on a virtual platform, is becoming a norm for all FMCG businesses. With the right tool for the job, such as Veras Remote Selling, enterprises can provide their customers with a guided virtual sales experience. 

Let’s explore the impact of remote selling on retail businesses and how incorporating the right strategies can maximize your sales. 

Connecting with customers in the digital age

Remote selling enhances customer relationships by providing a seamless and personalized shopping experience. Through digital platforms, businesses can interact with customers in real time, understand their preferences, and tailor offerings to meet their needs. This level of engagement builds trust and loyalty, turning one-time buyers into repeat customers.

Adopting remote selling is imperative for retail chains. Customers seek convenience and variety in their shopping experiences. Remote selling allows grocery chains to offer online ordering and home delivery options, meeting customers where they are.

Moreover, it enables retail chains to leverage data analytics and insights to understand customer behaviour and improve personalized marketing efforts. This data-driven approach drives sales and strengthens the bond between businesses and their customers.

How remote selling maximizes sales

Remote selling has become a game-changer in maximizing business sales. By leveraging digital platforms and technology, it enables companies to reach a wider audience, enhance customer engagement, and streamline sales entirely.

One of the key ways remote selling maximizes sales is through increased accessibility. Customers can browse and make purchases from anywhere, at any time, leading to more potential sales opportunities. This accessibility breaks down geographical barriers and expands the customer base significantly.

Tips to improve remote selling conversion rate

Personalize your approach

Personalization is the cornerstone of modern marketing, especially in remote selling. Businesses can gain deeper insights into customers’ preferences, purchase history, and browsing behavior by leveraging data analytics. This information allows them to make each customer interaction feel exclusive and personal. For instance, addressing customers by name and recommending products that align with their past purchases can significantly enhance the shopping experience. 

Leverage product visualization

The inability to physically interact with products is a significant hurdle in remote selling. This challenge requires innovative solutions like high-quality product visualization. It includes 360-degree views, 3D models, or AR visualization. These allow customers to visualize products in great detail and from multiple perspectives, providing a near-tangible experience. 

Streamline checkout process

A seamless checkout process is vital for closing sales. Any friction at this point can deter potential buyers and lead to abandoned carts. To optimize conversions, it’s essential to simplify the checkout process by minimizing the number of steps and fields required to complete a purchase. Various payment options cater to different customer preferences and can reduce checkout abandonment. 

Follow-ups and feedbacks

The relationship with your customer doesn’t end at the point of sale. Following up with customers after a purchase can reinforce their trust and provide valuable insights for future improvements. Even a simple personalized thank-you note shows appreciation, while a follow-up email asking for feedback can demonstrate that you value their opinion. 

Veras Remote Selling: Deliver an immersive retail experience anywhere

Veras Remote Selling is a robust platform that enables retailers to deliver customers an immersive and personalized shopping experience anywhere. 

Our browser-based and device-agnostic design allows sales associates to connect with customers through any digital channel. The platform also enables side-by-side video and product information display, allowing customers to interact with rich product details, reviews, and promotional offers, if any.

Furthermore, Veras Remote Selling lets customers build their shopping cart in real time and complete purchases, pick-ups, or deliveries through the platform. By integrating web—and app-based digital channels into the in-store experience, Veras Remote Selling helps retailers elevate the customer’s purchase journey while uncovering valuable omnichannel analytics. 

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