Our implementation services are designed to minimize unnecessary overhead costs while bringing the right resources to the project at the right time. Because of our lack of organizational silos, we can ensure that key resources can be accessed during the project at critical times, pushing through such often-challenging project phases such as bank certification.

Our team can provide full project management, or can work with your internal PMO or external consulting firms to execute Veras-specific tasks under a larger project management umbrella. Typically, our team will gather requirements, outline a plan, provide technical and user training, and facilitate the integration, testing, and deployment of our solutions.

The only goal of our implementation services is to ensure customer success in the most cost-efficient manner possible.


Integration and Customization

The retailers we work with are rarely able to implement a single off-the-shelf solution from a single vendor that meets their unique requirements – some level of integration and/or customization is almost always necessary in any project. Our design philosophy when building technical solutions has a singular goal in mind: Sustainability.

We recognize that retailers often paint themselves into corners with their choices. Every retailer has processes and systems which are a reflection of decisions that were made long ago that no longer match the needs of the business. At Veras, we strive to avoid this trap, not only through technical design that provides extensible and configurable functionality, but also by ensuring that the functionality meets the core business needs while envisioning and anticipating future needs.

We strive to design the most sustainable and efficient (smallest-scale) solution that will meet the bulk of the business requirements satisfactorily. The industry is littered with projects where a new solution was built in the exact form and function of the solution it was designed to replace. At Veras, our goal is to build solutions that stand the test of time, and facilitate, rather than inhibit, future growth.



Our support services are experienced, responsive, and professional. All support is conducted in-region – if we are working with you on an issue, your point of contact will be close by. Our goal is to ensure that your team has the support that they need, when they need it, but also has the knowledge to become increasingly self-sufficient.

Our entire organization places the upmost importance on responsiveness to customer issues. We deeply understand how impactful a point-of-sale outage is to a retailer’s business. It’s this sense of urgency that we feel differentiates us, and informs not only our support services, but everything that we do as a company.

To submit a ticket to Veras Support, click here (link TBD) to go the support self-service page.


Strategic Consulting

The first step in ensuring success in implementing a new technology solution is to ensure that all parties are aligned and understand not only the objectives of the proposed project, but also how that project will serve the overall goals, culture, and vision of the retailer.

As part of our strategic consulting services, Veras will raise disconnects between the proposed project and the company goals, and bring best practices and the experiences of other retailers to the table, in an attempt to look for alternate solutions – or, in some cases, to recommend that the project not go forward at all.

The key questions that we ask as part of Strategic Consulting:

  • Does the proposed project have clear business goals and justification?
  • Does the proposed project match the strategy, vision, and values of the customer?
  • Is the customer prepared for the project (budget, manpower, infrastructure)
  • What capabilities are present in the existing systems that haven’t been fully explored?
  • Does Veras have the solution(s) and expertise to address the business goals of the project?
  • Can Veras be successful in achieving the goals of the project, given constraints of timeline and resources?

Our recommendations as a result of this line of questioning may surprise you – in some cases, the recommendation may be to not go forward with a project at all, or to defer a project to a future point in time. In other cases, we may recommend software products and services from other vendors that will address some or all of the requirements of the project. The long-term success of the retailer is our primary driver in our recommendations.