Veras Retail to Acquire and Extend JDA Point-of-Sale Solutions Posted on May 04, 2016 by Veras Retail



Scottsdale, Ariz. – May 4, 2016 – JDA Software Group, Inc., and Zoftec LLC, DBA Veras Retail™, a long-time JDA alliance partner, announced that Veras has purchased JDA® Store™ Point of Sale, JDA® Win/DSS™ Point-of-Sale and JDA® CRM™ solutions. Veras Retail will expand its products and services offerings in this area to help retailers maximize profitability and provide a meaningful shopping experience to consumers. JDA brings numerous integrated Store Operations products across workforce management and advanced tasking/intelligent store logistics to the market and will continue to innovate across these solutions, while working with Veras to ensure POS customers are supported moving forward.

The newly acquired JDA solutions will form the foundation for a new suite of applications from Veras. CheckOut, Stock, Extend, and Control will be an enterprise-connected suite of tools for processing point-of-sale transactions (including mobile POS capability on iOS devices), validating returns, managing cross-channel orders, and tracking inventory. Veras Reach will provide retail-focused CRM capabilities including loyalty and targeted marketing based on omni-channel customer purchase history. JDA® Win/DSS continues to be supported, but will not be rebranded or offered to new customers. These products are immediately available from and supported by Veras, assuring uninterrupted service and business continuity for JDA customers.

Based in Phoenix, Arizona and serving JDA customers since 2008, the Veras staff has assembled approximately 200 man-years of experience with JDA software products. Many Veras employees worked for extended periods of time at JDA or have been JDA customers in the past. “We are thrilled to have the opportunity to expand the heritage of JDA’s proven POS solutions,” said Rohit Vir, founder and CEO of Veras. “We look forward to serving the retailers who depend on these solutions to run their businesses across over 100,000 lanes worldwide, as well as building exciting new capabilities to help retailers connect with their customers.” “This change is a win-win for our customers,” said Tyler Owen, senior director, solution strategy, JDA. “On one hand we have a long-term partner dedicated to advancing point-of-sale capabilities, while on the other hand, JDA continues advancing its Store Operations solutions in the areas of workforce management, category management, intelligent store logistics and back office operations.” Veras will continue to provide the same high level of technology innovation, customer service and support customers have come to expect from JDA. Veras will also continue to honor JDA’s Investment Protection policy, allowing existing maintenance-paying customers to upgrade from Win/DSS without having to re-license the product. Veras is a sponsor and exhibitor at JDA FOCUS 2016 this week in Nashville, Tennessee. Customers with questions attending FOCUS can stop by their booth for further information.

About Veras Retail  Founded in 2008 as Zoftec LLC, Veras Retail builds unique and innovative software solutions to connect with consumers at the point of decision.   It starts at the store, providing point-of-sale/mPOS, inventory, cross-channel execution, and CRM applications.  Headquartered in Phoenix, AZ, Veras is focused on using technology to foster enjoyable, meaningful, and profitable interactions between retailers and consumers.  Veras POS solutions power more than 100,000 lanes every day in over 50 retailers around the world.  Learn more at verasretail.com. “Veras Retail” is a trademark of Zoftec LLC dba Veras Retail.

About JDA Software Group, Inc. At JDA, we’re fearless leaders. We’re the leading provider of end-to-end, integrated retail, omni-channel and supply chain planning and execution solutions for more than 4,000 customers worldwide.  Our unique solutions empower our clients to reduce costs, increase profitability and improve collaboration so they can deliver on their customer promises every time. Using JDA, you can plan to deliver. www.jda.com “JDA” is a trademark or registered trademark of JDA Software Group, Inc. Any trade, product or service name referenced in this document using the name “JDA” is a trademark and/or property of JDA Software Group, Inc.


Veras Retail Releases CheckOut Point-of-Sale Version 9.0 Posted on January 15, 2017 by Veras Retail



Phoenix, Ariz. – January 15, 2017 – Zoftec LLC, DBA Veras Retail™, today announced the latest release of Veras CheckOut point-of-sale software, Version 9.0. Over six developer-years and over 1 million dollars in investment have been applied to Veras CheckOut 9.0, reflecting Veras’s commitment to innovate and compete in the dynamic point-of-sale technology market. The enhanced capabilities in CheckOut, and its bundled complementary products, Veras Stock back office and Veras Control central administration, include:

  • Payment Integrations. Veras CheckOut relies on leading payment providers to keep pace with payment security and keep the point-of-sale insulated from sensitive data. In addition to upgrading existing integrations, Veras is proud to announce the certification of Veras CheckOut 9.0 with the Cayan® Genius® platform on both traditional and mobile payment devices, allowing our mutual customers to achieve Cayan’s best-in-class EMV transaction speed while maintaining a secure and reliable payment environment.
  • Additional Hardware Choices. In addition to the wide variety of presently supported Unified POS-compliant hardware platforms, Veras CheckOut 9.0 adds support for the Elo Paypoint for Windows and Elo I-Series for Windows touchscreen platforms, providing modern, sleek options to power customer transactions in-store.
  • API’s for Mobility and More. Veras CheckOut 9.0 now includes RESTful web services-based APIs for transaction processing, product and customer lookups, and more. These services enable real-time communications with e-commerce and other applications, as well as forming the backbone of the integration with Veras Extend mobile POS on iOS and Android. These APIs also support simulation of promotional scenarios by Veras Activate promotions management.
  • Speedier Implementations. CheckOut 9.0 adds an array of configuration, deployment, integration, and monitoring utilities to allow retailers to more quickly and easily take advantage of the power of Veras CheckOut. An updated software stack and new security features give peace of mind when deploying Veras CheckOut in a variety of retail formats.

“When Veras acquired the point-of-sale software products from JDA Software in May, our commitment to our customers was to continue to innovate and invest in these products,” said Rohit Vir, founder and CEO of Veras Retail. “The release of CheckOut 9.0, with over 30 enhancements, proves our level of investment and ability to innovate.”

“We are proud of the work that we’ve done to bring CheckOut 9.0 to market, and thrilled to be working with our new alliance partners at Cayan and Elo,” said Bruce Herrier, Vice President at Veras Retail. “Alongside the new versions of Veras Locate inventory management, Activate promotions management, and Extend mobile POS, CheckOut 9.0 is a great application for retailers to connect with their customers and optimize the in-store shopping experience.”

Veras CheckOut 9.0 will be made available to current customers on January 30, 2017. Veras will showcase the new release at its booth 700 at the National Retail Federation Expo, January 15-17. Veras CheckOut will also be shown at alliance partners Cayan (booth 2779), Elo (booth 4162) and Transaction Tree (booth 1420).

About Veras Retail

Founded in 2008 as Zoftec LLC, Veras Retail builds unique and innovative software solutions to connect with consumers at the point of decision. It starts at the store, providing point-of-sale/mPOS, inventory, cross-channel execution, and CRM applications. Headquartered in Phoenix, AZ, Veras is focused on using technology to foster enjoyable, meaningful, and profitable interactions between retailers and consumers. Veras POS solutions power more than 100,000 lanes every day in over 50 retailers around the world. Learn more at verasretail.com.

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Cayan® is the leading provider of payment technologies that give businesses a competitive advantage. Cayan is continuously developing new ways for businesses to unlock the power of payments with fully integrated, multi-channel customer engagement platforms including their Cayan® Unified Commerce Solution Suite™ and Genius® Platform. Headquartered in Boston, the company has multiple offices in the United States and Belfast, Northern Ireland. Cayan is one of the world's fastest growing payment companies. For more information, visit www.cayan.com.

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Elo is a global leader in touchscreen solutions, including POS systems and interactive signage displays from 10 to 70 inches. The inventor of the touchscreen, Elo now has 20+ million retail and hospitality installations in 80+ countries, with products designed in Cal ifornia and built to last, with a three-year standard warranty. The Elo touchscreen experience has consistently stood for quality, reliability and innovation. Elo intellectual property is protected by global patent, trademark and design registrations. Learn more about Elo at http://elotouch.com/.z